Magnus enables innovators to bring impactful projects to market,
empowering brilliant
ideas in the global digital economy.
Why us?
With a background in traditional finance, as well as significant personal experience launching our own tokens and projects, we’re the ideal choice for getting your idea the running start it deserves.
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Our investment service is the perfect choice for projects that need a transparent partner in the cryptocurrency space.
We provide the capital, expertise, and vast network of contacts you need to get your idea off the ground and into the mass market.

We’ll vet your team before endorsing your project, and if you want continued access to our network and expertise, we’ll stick around in an advisory capacity for as long as you want to keep growing.
When it comes to advice, we don’t mince words — we’re a full-suite, all-in service you can count on for the duration of our relationship together.
Magnus goes beyond capital infusions to design and execute your launch strategy, manage your cap table, and facilitate your overall tokenomics. We leverage our list of portfolio companies as potential partners for you, in addition to the 120+ KOLs to which we have unparalleled access. We will build a brand and community around your project, bringing thousands of eyes and participants to your Telegram chats and getting the right people talking about you.

With our experience leading raises, onboarding VCs, and attracting influencers, you can think of Magnus as your own marketing arm, opening your project to a world of possibilities.

If you’ve got a good concept, incubating with Magnus Capital will help you take it to the next level. At Magnus Capital, we will help you fill the gap between idea and execution.
From developing the idea itself to sourcing some of the industry’s most accomplished developers to build out your code, our decades of experience in traditional finance and venture capital make us the ideal choice for incubating your company and ensuring it gets the start it needs to aim for long-term success.

With other investors, you’re likely to get the capital you need and not necessarily a whole lot else — but with Magnus Capital, you’ll also be getting a team of industry experts dedicated to making sure your project is a long-term success.
The products we’re investing in aren’t just innovative: often, they’re entirely new asset classes, which means the market doesn’t even know how they work. That’s where our market education services come into their own.
By creating unique content, working with partners to develop more robust creative communication channels, and spreading the word with crypto’s hottest influencers and trend-setters, we can drive mainstream adoption by launching a full-scale information offensive on the market.

“Build it, and they will come” simply isn’t true of today’s most innovative cryptocurrency projects, which is why it’s imperative that you work with a partner who understands the landscape and has the network of connections to get your project into the right hands.

At Magnus Capital, we’re proud to be directly involved with the cutting edge of cryptocurrency — and if your project needs an experienced data-driven hand guiding your market education strategy, we are the partner for you.
If your project needs an experienced data-driven hand guiding your market education strategy, we are the partner for you.

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